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50 Workout Excuses You’ve Used To Not Get Moving



When it comes to exercising, a lot of people will find an excuse to postpone or even avoid it all together. Maybe you’re one of them? The easy road of obscene indulgent behaviour or sheer procrastination is always there when you need it. Whether you lack discipline or are simply too tired – your solution lies here, so get up and get motivated!


#1 “I don’t have time to go to the gym” – Who says you need a gym to keep fit? Objects around your house as well as your own body weight are enough to get your heart rate up, improve your muscular strength and improve your endurance. Do a light jog on the spot or skip some rope, do some push ups during intervals of your favourite TV programme, run up and down the stairs as quickly as you can in sets, use your door to do some pull-ups or invest in a bar. The possibilities are endless.


#2 “I find exercising boring” – Partake in an activity that you know you’ll enjoy and which will challenge you physically. Boxing, yoga, football, martial arts and dance are all great calorie burners. If you still want to hit the gym and find it slightly tedious, try listening to some music or go with a friend or a group to keep you motivated.


#3 “I will get too big and muscular” – A common theme among women in particular. Look at it like this ladies, if you consume a large amount of calories (exceeding the national average of 2000 calories), lift heavy weights and follow a strict exercise regimen you will undoubtedly get bigger. Nonetheless, if you follow a moderate lifting and clean eating programme and focus on a change of lifestyle as opposed to getting ‘stage ready’ for a bodybuilding competition, you will improve your body composition and tone out all the major muscle groups.


#4 “I’m too tired” – The irony of exercise is that the more you do it, the more energy you’ll have. Your tired simply because your body is not circulating enough blood around the body. When you exercise, your brain releases a chemical hormone called ‘endorphins’ which make you feel full of life and vibrancy. Exercise in the morning especially is a great way to get the blood flowing throughout the course of the day.


#5 “I’m flat broke” – See #1. Working out does not require you to spend any money whatsoever.


#6 “I don’t like to sweat. It’s gross” –  So shower once you’re done. Grow some balls.


#7 “I’m in pain” – Provided your pain is not life threatening, in a controlled environment under guided supervision or expert advice, exercise can greatly reduce the symptoms of your pain and help build a stronger body. Studies have shown and proved that exercises such as yoga are excellent for combating even the most chronic of ailments.


#8 “It’s too hard” – Hmm like most things in life. We’re sure your job was difficult at first, but as you continued to show up you slowly got the hang of it right? Start now and don’t stop.


#9 “Exercise requires too much effort” – As do many of the things you decide to do on a regular basis, such as doing your weekly shop. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor is a healthy body and mind. You can’t expect to look and feel great overnight. No pain, no gain.


#10 “I can’t be seen in the gym” – See #1. However, if you really want to head down to the gym, the truth is even the most muscular, fittest and healthiest person you see has insecurities as well. We’re all human after all. But if you are able to muster up the courage and face your fear, you will undoubtedly receive a quiet respect for wanting to make a change to your body.


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#11 “I’m too old” – Age is just a number. Besides, you’re never to old to go for a brisk walk or to move your body and challenge yourself physically. The more you exercise, the younger you will look and feel.


#12 “I’m too fat” – Start where you are with what you have. Sure, some of us are a bit on the heavy side compared to others, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise. Start slowly and gradually increase the level and intensity to which you can bare. Weight loss is more about consistency as opposed to flat out burning yourself out.


#13 “I have no drive and willpower” – Set some SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) goals. You can’t hit a target you can’t see. Make sure you can see and feel the changes occurring to your health and your body in line with what you want to achieve, this will help you stay on course.


#14 “Exercise is for douche bags” – Quite the contrary. Yes, you may get some individuals who’d rather exercise for sheer external validation but that should not form the source of your lifestyle change. Exercise to stay fit and healthy and you will reap the rewards of a great aesthetic appearance in the process.


#15 “I’m in great shape. I don’t need to workout” – Oh really? Tell that to your future self who can barely walk up a flight of stairs without losing your breath, or the one who is laying on their death bed feeling, well, like death. Exercise is the key to a healthy life.


#16 “I don’t get a break from the kids” – So take them along or involve them in whatever you decide to do. Go for a family bike ride or jog and make it an adventurous day out or activity.


#17 “My partner accepts me for who I am anyway” – That’s great but looking after yourself is just as important as looking after your relationship. Besides, how do you expect to remain with your partner and enjoy a fruitful life if you’re in ill health?


#18 “I’m too stressed” – Akin to #4, exercise alleviates stress by activating the production of ‘feel good’ hormones and chemicals in the body such as dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals play a role in lessening the level of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ thereby boosting your mood.


#19 “It’s too cold” – Really? Roll up those socks, put on your thickest sweater and get going. As you move, your body will naturally increase its internal temperature through vigorous physical stress increasing the level of blood flow. Plus, you’ll also burn more calories in the process if you’re wrapped up warm!


#20 “It’s too hot” – So lose the socks and sweater and opt for a tank top and shorts. If you’re concerned about it being too hot outdoors, consider your exposure to the sun will increase your level of Vitamin D absorption, increasing the strength of your bones and joints.



#21 “I don’t know what I’m doing” – Read, watch and listen to those with more experience than yourself. There are a tonne of health and fitness gurus walking the face of the earth (and the internet) you just need to find them. There also has never been a book or article written on a problem you have experienced or experiencing.


#22 “Every machine I want to use is occupied” – Consider working out at home or using alternative machines or exercises which work the same muscle group. Anyhow, the more you adapt your workout, the more you’ll notice better results and avoid a state of plateau or inertia.


#23 “I’ve got a raging hangover” – Drink a glass of water before you sleep and fix yourself a high-protein breakfast or detoxifying smoothie to kick start your metabolism, energy levels and flush out unwanted toxins and waste. Exercise does not need to be complicated, just get up and walk off the nausea through sprightly fresh air.


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#24 “I’m sore from yesterday’s workout” – Eat. Sleep. Repeat.


#25 “I’ll do it tomorrow” – Ahh, the age old classic! Yesterday, you said tomorrow. Tomorrow is never guaranteed and is just an illusion. All you have now is the present moment. Use it.


#26 “I’m just not an active person” – Slow motion is better than no motion. You don’t need to be the most active person in the world to reap the rewards of a healthy life. Work with a routine that suits you based on your current situation. 3 times a week will suffice.


#27 “Everyone’s going to laugh at me” – We’re pretty sure you’ll be more laughed at if you’re sitting at home all day on the sofa stuffing your face with Krispy Kremes and turning into a doughnut yourself.


#28 “I lack good coordination” – You don’t need to have spider-man like reactions and balance to enjoy a healthy life. Find an activity of exercise routine you enjoy that matches your level of skill, ability and physicality and you’ll be well on your way.


#29 “I forgot my gym clothes” – Either sleep with them on with your shoes by your bedside ready for the morning or pack a spare outfit in your car while you’re out and about.


#30 “My diet is healthy. I don’t need to exercise” – Unfortunately, diet and exercise go hand in hand. A healthy meal can’t make your muscles move and feel the way should. There is no escaping the need for exercise as it is a necessity to ensure your bones, tendons, joints and tissue function effectively.




#31 “I’ll mess my hair up” – Try wearing a sweat band or apply a little more wax, dry shampoo or hairspray to keep everything together. Most gyms (and your household, of course) usually have a hair dryer available to spruce up your hair if it gets in a right state.


#32 “I’m on holiday” – Most hotels around the world usually have a fitness centre or suite available for you to exercise in. Use your time off to sneak in a cheeky workout. Alternatively, push-ups, sit-ups, squats and lunges in your hotel room work just as well.


#33 “My car broke down” – All the more reason to get up and walk (or jog) to your local gym. However, public transportation is also an option if you decide to head out.


#34 “Everyone’s wearing cool trainers and I’m not” – The Spartans and Romans worked out in bare foot or sandals, what does that tell you? It is true that fitness industry is undergoing a fashion fad with more people concerned about what they’re wearing as opposed to making a lifestyle change. However, focus on what you set out to do as opposed to how you may look in the eyes of others. You’ll get more done. Guaranteed.


#35 “I tried it before and had no luck” – An excellent one for the ‘workout excuses’ record. If at first you do not succeed, try, try and try again. Try a new routine, try a new variation, try a new environment, try a new piece of equipment. Try anything until it all falls into place. But most of all, don’t stop trying.


#36 “I couldn’t find a parking spot so I left” – Either walk, cycle or take a different mode of transport to the gym. Either way, a parking spot is always available, you’re just making an excuse not to find one.


#37 “My partner thinks I’ll fall in love with someone else” – If that were the case, you’re with the wrong person to begin with. Insecurity, paranoia and jealousy can destroy a relationship. Seek professional help.


#38 “My personal trainer is a dick” – Quite simply, get a new personal trainer whether on or offline. Ask for a free trial and try different trainers to get a feel of their personality and workout methods.


#39 “I get enough exercise from work” – Although this may be true with some physically demanding professions, exercise in the holistic sense will reap far greater rewards as opposed to general manual labour. Does your job bump up your endurance for instance?


#40 “Exercise is only for those who want to lose weight” – Not true. Millions of people exercise with the intention of building greater muscle mass, evening out muscle tone and improving their cardiovascular health. Not everyone is trying to lose weight. Determine what your goals are.




#41 “I burn more calories in my sleep” – Although research has show than calories do get burned while you are sleeping, the calories burned are on the very low end of the scale as this is the amount of calories the body needs to utilise to maintain its normal metabolic function (breathing, ascertaining a normal heartbeat and so on). Exercising on the other hand greatly magnifies the propensity of burning calories through external stimuli not experienced during sleep.


#42 “I will get seriously hurt or injured” –  See #7. Do not go beyond a point where you put yourself at serious risk of injury or having an accident. Focus on your form and completing the full range of motion without flexing unnecessary muscle groups.


#43 “Exercise makes me eat a heck of a lot more” –  This is natural. Your body is simply looking for new nutrients and energy sources having depleted these during your strenuous workout. The key is to fuel you body with the right kind of food post-exercise to avoid over-indulging and putting on the fat you just burned. Keep it clean guys and gals!


#44 “I have to buy expensive supplements” –  Not true in the slightest. Supplements do what they say on the tin, they simply ‘supplement’ your diet. It is by no means a prerequisite to buy the latest protein powder to see some progress. Following a wholesome, clean eating plan will be all that is needed to see some huge progress.


#45 “It’s my ‘time of the month’ ” – Simple solution: work out at home. Don’t risk the embarrassment at the gym.


#46 “I’m a God among mortal men. I’m naturally built” – Of course you are. Remind of us of where you placed on Mr Olympia again?


#47 “My dog ate all my weights” – The good ole’ ‘dog ate my…’ excuse. Just get your butt to the gym, you’re only cheating yourself.


#48 “I’m gonna catch a cold” – Exercise can boost your immune system following strength training, cardiovascular training and even stretching. It’s all to do with adequate and healthy circulation. Besides, you can even catch a cold in the comfort of your own home. Get going buddy.


#49 “I’m a hermit. I hate people” – Stay at home and stick to a private routine away from the eyes and ears of the world.


Last but not least…

#50 “I don’t want to” – Okay, that’s fine – Edward Stanley put it best, “Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness”. Ready to find that time hot shot?


And that wraps this up! 50 of the best excuses known to man which you will use to justify your laziness and put off working out. Because according to statistics, exercise is overrated right? Go luck on your journey boys and girls.


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