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Interview with Elton Mota: Bodybuilder & Fitness Model



Elton Mota Interview - QA with CheckMeowt

Interview with Elton Mota: Bodybuilder & Fitness Model

Elton Mota is one of the UK’s most sought after fitness models and all round absolute unit.

He’s featured for many high-profile sports nutrition and gym apparel brands in the industry following his meteoric win in the UKBFF Top Fitness Model competition.

We got a chance to sit down with Elton who shared some great insight and advice into the level of commitment and discipline it takes to be a success inside and outside of the gym.

We hope you enjoy this Q&A as much as we did stringing it together!

Hi Elton, appreciate you taking the time out to chat with us today.

For anyone who is not familiar with you, could you briefly introduce yourself?

For those who don’t know me, my name is Elton Pinto Mota. I’m 26 years old and the winner of the 2016 Top Fitness Model in the UK. I’m also a Brand Ambassador and IFBB/UKBFF Men’s Physique Athlete.

Can you tell us a little bit more about how you got into fitness and bodybuilding and why you decided to take it more seriously?

I have always been into sports, even as soon as I could walk where I would always be playing football from a very early age,


At the age of 18, I came to the realisation that I wasn’t going to make it in football at a professional level. Therefore, I had to find a passion for something else.

It was at that point I got contacted and recruited by a modelling agency in the summer of 2009 where I decided to get into the best shape I could possibly get in and take my new career seriously.

What achievement(s) are you the most proud about?

A proud moment for me was when I first stepped on stage and had no idea what I was gonna face. I just wanted to know where I stood at a competitive level.

Having said that, on the same day I stood on stage to compete, I won the whole competition.

The funny thing is:

All my wins after that as well as competing internationally hasn’t given me the same feeling I had when I competed for the very first time.

It was a very special achievement for me and a career-defining moment.

What is your philosophy for staying in shape all year round?

My philosophy for staying in shape is very simple and basic:

Train hard every time you’re in the gym!

You’re already there so why not?

Also, it’s important to stay conscious of what you eat. A lot of people place too much emphasis on scales and fail to recognise the importance of using a mirror also.

For me, I use a mirror to give me the best advice on how I’m looking overall.

Elton Mota Interview - Men's Physique Competitor

How do you get yourself pumped up for a big workout when you might be lacking motivation?

I always go and search for some motivation online. I’m continually looking for new exercises to try and execute in order to shock my muscles into hypertrophy (growth).

Doing this helps to keep me on my toes and enables me to frequently challenge and better myself in every way possible.

I regularly look at the best pro bodybuilders on YouTube or otherwise and get my motivation right there and then!

How did your relationship with Gymshark and Nocco UK forge? Do you have any advice for those wanting to be a sponsored athlete?

My relationship with Gymshark happened last year after I had won Top Fitness Model UK Title via UKBFF.

I got contacted by the brand 3 weeks after asking me to come in for a photo shoot. I thought it would be a one-off, but two weeks later, I got contacted again and numerous times after that.

Now I’ve been with Gymshark for over a year and absolutely loving it!

Elton Mota Interview - Gymshark Athlete

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Nocco UK happened very organically.

I was in Stockholm for a photo shoot (which happened to be for Gymshark) where I got introduced to one of the main ambassadors. We got along from the get go and the sponsorship spiralled from there.

In terms of advice for anyone looking to be a sponsored athlete, I would say just be you (the most original thing you can actually be), show your passion to the sport and conduct yourself correctly on social media.

If you do those things correctly, brands won’t help but notice you.

What does your week’s training routine consist of? Do you incorporate some cardio work?

I start my training week with the biggest muscle groups which would typically be the following:




Back and biceps.


Chest and triceps.


Shoulders and trapezius.


Focus on weaker areas. For me, this is normally another back day.

Saturday and Sunday:


With regards to cardio, I do incorporate 2-3 sessions a week unless I am competing.

Elton Mota Interview - Weekly Training Split

  1. Talk us through a typical day’s diet. Do you allow yourself a cheat meal every now and then or are you quite strict?

My typical day’s diet is quite simple:

Meal #1:

For breakfast, I’ll have oats with two scoops of whey protein.

Meal #2:

Normally chicken breast with white rice.

Meal #3:

Steak and vegetables.

Meal #4:

Tuna salad with some sweet potatoes,

Meal #5:

Fat free Greek yogurt with two more scoops of whey protein.

On the weekends I’ll always go out and eat and allow myself a cheeky dessert just to reward myself.

However, if I’m competing, that cheat meal goes right out the window.

Do you have any go-to supplements which help optimise your performance both inside and outside of the gym?

Absolutely, I would be lying if I said no.

I normally stick to the following:

· Whey Protein

· Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

· Glutamine

· Multi-vitamins

· Pre-workout (every now and then).

Looking back at when you were just starting out on your fitness journey, what are the biggest mistakes you would avoid if you were to do it all over again?

Looking back, I would probably avoid being so focused on my arms and chest.

I was obsessed with it like there was nothing else to train.

It took me a few months to realise that I was starting to look a little out of proportion which wasted a considerable amount of time.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done or seen happen at the gym?

I’ve arguably seen it all.

People falling out of their treadmills trying to run at speeds beyond them, hearing someone fart while squatting.

But the funniest (and probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen) was when I once saw a guy wearing sunglasses curling a dumbbell with one arm while the other hand was holding his phone to his ear.

It reminded me of something out of the Matrix film haha!

Do you have any advice for our readers who may be interested in becoming a fitness model?

For anyone wanting to get into modelling, there are two paths you can take:

Firstly, you can approach a fitness modelling agency directly which there are a few of in London.

The other path (which was what I took) is to go and compete on a competitive stage which will give you the platform you need to work with very well known photographers who will help you stand out.

Nevertheless, always ensure sure you bring something special and don’t be scared to put in that work.

Finally, what are your goals – fitness or otherwise – you are looking to accomplish by the end of the year and beyond?

My current goal is to carry on working with my sponsors. I’m also still chasing a professional status which hopefully I will get next year.

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