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Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Gainer Review



Is it possible to go meatless and still supplement your diet to pack on some serious mass?

Bulk Powders seem to think so.

In fact,

Before purchasing this product, I was in the market for a ‘healthy’ mass gainer which would allow me (a naturally skinny ectomorph) to get jacked without compromising on my overall health.

You know:

Those kind of ingredients in supplements which make you think, ‘what the fuck is that?’

Scientific names, artificial chemicals and taking an age to gulp down are far too common in mass gainers these days so I was eager to try something different.

Enter Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Gainer.

Your no-nonsense mass gainer boasting a complete amino acid profile derived only from natural ingredients.

Lets see how this mass gainer stacks up.

Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Gainer Review

Product Overview

The Complete Vegan Gainer is a 100g serving (3 scoops) consisting of 400 calories.

This is compromised of the following:

30g of protein, 46g of carbs and 9g of fat

On top of this,

The ingredients are very minimal to say the least which is always an excellent sign making this mass gainer a cheap proposition at £16.99 for 1kg.

Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Gainer Review - Overview

A 100g serving is not too big for a mass gainer either, with some reaching up to 200g+ which is absolutely ridiculous.

It currently comes in two flavours: ‘Strawberry’ and ‘Chocolate Peanut’.

I’ll be putting the Strawberry flavour through its paces in this review.


It goes without saying:

The ingredients in Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Gainer are pretty awesome!

Made from a blend of Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein and Quinoa Flour, non-meat eaters are able to get their muscle building fix and put on mass completely ‘guilt-free’.

See the full nutritional breakdown below:





Carbohydrates (of which sugars)

46.2g (1.6g)


(of which saturates)

8.9g (1.4g)



Like most of Bulk Powder’s protein supplements, the carbs come from oats which significantly brings down the sugar content (1.6g) allowing for a sustained release of energy.

It also comes with added Flaxseed Powder and Maca Root Powder for additional vitamin and mineral goodness contributing to the excellent fibre content.

Finally, it comes at no surprise that Digezyme, an active enzymatic ingredient which breaks down and improves the absorption of all macronutrients is included alongside Stevia, a natural substitute for sugar to add flavour.


The ingredients used are very impressive and there are no hidden nasties to be too concerned about.

Taste and Texture

The texture of the Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Gainer is pretty bang on.

Not too thick to a point where you’re chewing on it, but thick enough to be enjoyed as a real treat.

The taste of the Strawberry flavour is very delicious and like most protein shakes, sits well with water but goes even better with milk.

In terms of the mixability,

I was very impressed with how easy it was to break down. After a few shakes, it showed no signs of being a mass gainer with the typical thick pieces to be found everywhere.


If you allow it to sit for a while, the oats will sink to the bottom so you need to give it a good swish in your shaker before guzzling it down between sips to avoid this.


Here’s the thing:

Mass gainers are so rich in calories they tend to fill you up almost instantly.

So rather than supplement your diet (as they should), they end up merely being meal replacements which is never a good thing.

However Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Gainer doesn’t do this.


Because there aren’t any artificial fillers and unnecessary crap to keep you full to the point where you’re going to explode.

For example,

I could easily eat breakfast at 9am, work up a sweat at 10am, have a shake at 11:30am and still want to grab some lunch at 1pm.

If that wasn’t enough:

Because of the high carb content, you’ll be fueled with muscle-building glycogen which is always a big plus before/after smashing a workout.

It is also worth mentioning that Bulk Powders recommend you take the Complete Vegan Gainer up to three times a day.

I don’t know about you, but if you’re looking to go down this route, you’re looking at 15g of fibre plus whatever you’ve eaten throughout the day = bountiful farts.

Serious lifters will know what I’m talking about so use it according to your needs and goals.

Value for Money

Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Gainer offers great value for money.

As I mentioned:

Because there are minimal ingredients, Bulk Powders have done an excellent job in cutting back on excess costs with each serving coming in at £1.70.

There are quite a lot of mass gainers on the market currently which go well and above £2.00 per serving (at their very cheapest) so this is quite exceptional in comparison.

If that wasn’t enough…

The addition of Flaxseed Powder and Maca Root Powder provides excellent value considering each of these supplements alone can you set back an additional ten quid or more!



Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Gainer is a top notch mass gainer with a proven no-nonsense ingredient list making it a great supplement for any hard-gainer.

Not to mention:

It is one of a very few mass gainers on the market which allows you to add some additional calories to your diet without compromising your health or keeping you full before your next meal is truly cutting-edge.

With that said,

This product is truly ace and I’m almost certainly placing an order again once I’ve run out.

Buy Complete Vegan Gainer

Be sure to grab yourself this mass gainer on the Bulk Powders website here if you’re a vegan or simply looking to build some muscle without filling your body with artificial rubbish.

Be sure to also nab yourself a Bulk Powders discount here to save some money when placing your order!

What do you think of this mass gainer?

Tried any others recently?

Let us know in the comments section below!