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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are tools permitting a server to store or retain information from a user on the user’s own computer (typically within their search browser).

How do CheckMeowt use cookies?

In compliance to European Cookie and Data Protection Laws, CheckMeowt only uses cookies once permission is granted by the user for its accessibility. In particular, as an affiliate merchant, we track the user’s visit from our website to either of our affiliated partners website when a voucher code or promotion is used. In this way, we receive a commission following a completed transaction. We also use cookies to enhance the user’s experience, such as remembering log in details, showing relevant promotions or adverts, as well as understanding how many times our website has been visited at a given point in time.

How do I opt out of using cookies?

Cookies can be disabled or deleted through the search browser’s settings. There are a number of ways for doing this depending upon which search browser is used. For more information on opting out, visit

Please note: If you disable or delete cookies, your user experience may be greatly reduced and may not work in a way you expect (such as remembering your recent searches).