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Media and Press Coverage

Welcome to CheckMeowt’s media and press coverage room. Below are just a few places we’ve been featured in across the internet and press.

Through the help of our expert and qualified writers (AfN certified nutritional advisers and trainers), we strive to provide only the most accurate, actionable and up-to-date sources of information to help others reach their full potential both inside and outside of the gym:

BestFit Magazine - CheckMeowt

BestFit Magazine: We were featured in Issue 43 (full issue can be found herewhere we gave our top tips for moving up in weight in the gym and avoiding plateaus which was also covered on their website.

Bulk Powders - CheckMeowt

Bulk Powders: We published three separate articles on ‘The Core’ which included: 5 reasons you’re not losing weight, 4 things that are destroying your gains and 10 ways to break through a plateau.

Mail Online: Our interview with James Haskell was featured on the Mail Online following James’ exit from ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’.

GoNutrition - CheckMeowt

GoNutrition: We featured on ‘The Pulse’ and gave our best tips and insights into how hard gainers can build muscle with a fast metabolism. The full article can be found here.

Oxygen Mag - CheckMeowt v2

Oxygen Mag: We spoke about 6 separate myths which prevent women from getting the best out of weightlifting. You can learn and read more here.

Muscle and Health: We shared our top tips for building a ‘Golden Era’ physique. You can learn and read more here.

Muscle & Fitness UK: We were featured in M&F UK’s printed magazine giving our insight into the best foods to eat for muscle recovery. You can learn and read more here.

Muscle & Performance - CheckMeowt v2

Muscle and Performance: Our feature was tailored to the Christmas season with our 5 best health and fitness tips for keeping your gains on track. You can learn and read more here.

Muscle and Strength - CheckMeowt

Muscle and Strength: We were featured on M&S’ website and discussed the importance microbes play in your overall gut health and how it can impact your performance both in and out of the gym. You can learn and read more here.

Myprotein - CheckMeowt

Myprotein: Our feature included providing people 4 strategies on how to blitz through belly fat and get noticeable abs fast. You can learn and read more here.