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GoNutrition Protein Wafers Review



Supplement companies are in a never ending battle.

A battle to turn the most unexciting snacks into protein fortified powerhouses.

Nonsensical or brilliant? I’ll leave that with you.

The supplement industry is so over-saturated with high protein snacks that there is now fewer snack victims to target.

That doesn’t mean to say you can’t take something that’s already been smeared in protein and try to better it.

GoNutrition have landed the latest blow in this trend with their Protein Wafers.

Yes, you read that right.

The humbly sweet and crispy biscuit used to top your 99p ice cream when you were a kid is about to get you cut and jacked courtesy of GoNutrition.

Let’s find out what it can offer.

GoNutrition Protein Wafers Review


GN’s Protein Wafers are made with milk protein which has replaced all of the unappealing fat and sugar found in a conventional wafer.

This means, in theory, that the Protein Wafers should be a more healthier and nutritious alternative for those who are unable to resist the ungodly temptation of cakes and biscuits.

They come in a pack of 5 with 2 wafers in each (10 in total) and will set you back a mere £6.49.

Currently, there are two flavours to choose from, ‘Marshmallow’ and ‘White Chocolate’.

I will be putting the ‘White Chocolate’ flavour through its paces in this review.

GoNutrition-Protein-Wafers-Review-OverviewNutritional Info

From an optimal nutritional perspective, the GoNutrition Protein Wafers are not the cleanest of snacks on the market.

Full breakdown per 41g serving below:












Carbohydrates (of which sugars)






Fat (of which saturates)



9.4g (5.9g)







From the outset, the calorie density looks great.

However, if you factor in that the majority of this is made up from fat (particularly saturated) and half of the carbohydrate content is made up of sugar this can become problematic.

Whilst the protein number is good, it becomes drowned in a number of cheap, inexpensive ingredients (including gelatine which is derived from the skin, bones and tendons of animals) and is not the most ideal source of protein.

The GoNutrition Protein Wafers are not vegetarian/vegan friendly and I would steer clear of this stuff.

The full ingredient list can be found here.

Taste and Texture

Texture-wise, the Protein Wafers feel like a genuine wafer biscuit.

Thick, dense and crispy.

The White Chocolate can be found sandwiched in between the layers of wafers with a chocolate coating on the under-side which gives it that extra depth when you bite into it.

GoNutrition-Protein-Wafers-Review-Taste-and-TextureThey taste very similar to Balocco Wafer Biscuits, the kind you used to nick at your Italian mate’s birthday as a kid who was a complete cunt for blaming you of eating the final slice of pizza for a party of 300 in a two-bedroom bungalow.

With that said, GN have done a great job of not making the Protein Wafers taste too ‘artificial’ which comes at no surprise coming from them.

Even with the White Chocolate slathered in the middle, the Protein Wafers are not too sweet and you could comfortable wharf down a few packs of these if you’re not careful.


With the GoNutrition Protein Wafers coming in at just under 200 calories per serving, they are an ideal snack for a quick cravings relief.

Albeit, the reason why they taste so good and satisfy any cravings is because of the moderately high sugar and fat content.

Yes it contains 15 grams of protein, but does it really matter when there are so many unnecessary ingredients in there such as milk fat?

There are other protein snacks available on the market that get the job done on more beneficial and healthier ingredients.

Value for money

At £6.49 for a pack of 5, the GoNutrition Protein Wafers offer good value for money.

If you consider the fact that the normal retail price of Protein Wafers from Myprotein are £14,99 (excluding discounts), you really can’t go wrong.

Overall, there’s not much more to add here. The wafers are big, filling and full of protein (so she says).

GoNutrition Protein Wafers Review - Value for MoneyDespite some of the claims GoNutrition make about the Protein Wafers, they aren’t the most optimal snack on the market – but at £6.49 a pop, they are one of the best protein snacks to part your money over.


All-in-all, GN’s Protein Wafers are a decent protein snack to tuck your paws into.

The downside of this product, of course, is the cheap sources of protein used to make up this important macro.

Although these ingredients are common practice in the industry, the Protein Wafers would not be a staple among my crave-curbing snacks.

But for what it’s worth, you get exactly what you pay for and offers real value on your hard earned cash.

Buy GoNutrition’s Protein Wafers

You can order a pack of Protein Wafers by shopping on the GoNutrition website here.

Don’t forget – you can often bag yourself a bargain by taking advantage of the number of GoNutrition voucher codes and offers we have available on site.

What do you think of the GoNutrition Protein Wafers? Do you have any other protein snack recommendations?

Let us know in the comments section below!