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Myprotein Brownie Review



The explosion of the fitness industry has resulted in an ‘over saturation’ of protein snacks and treats on the market all claiming to be the next best thing since sliced bread.

From protein pancakes, protein clusters to protein bread, it is easy to get caught up in all of the hype and excitement. There are some really awful (and downright dangerous) snacks available, but among these lie some real hidden gems including the delicious chocolate chip protein brownie created by Myprotein.

In case you haven’t gathered, I will be reviewing Myprotein’s protein brownie, which unfortunately only comes in this single flavour. Shame!

However, do not despair my fellow protein junkie, in my edition of my Myprotein brownie review, I will be exploring what makes this brownie especially unique and what cuts it above all of the existing protein crap already on the market.

Myprotein Brownie Review


Myprotein’s chocolate chip protein brownie weighs in at 75g per pack. It’s size and weight mean there are a lot of macros to get out of it compared to your bog standard, sugar infested brownie bites at Tesco!

On that note, this bad boy packs in an impressive 23g of protein per brownie with 75% less sugar, and far less fat compared to your usual brownie (as well as most competitor protein brownies as a matter of fact), which is an absolute result.

My first impression was that the chocolate chip brownie had the look and feel of a homemade brownie. This was certainly a welcomed surprise due to the emphasis of ‘aesthetic appeal’ with most other supplement companies offering their brownies in a generic block which just doesn’t have that ‘eat me’ factor.

Myprotein’s protein brownie clocks in at £11.99 for a box of 12 and you can purchase it on the Myprotein website.

myprotein protein brownie chocolate chip first snapshot


When reading the nutritional information, it is immediately clear that the Myprotein protein brownie is a top of the range food supplement. Check out the macros per brownie for yourself:



287 kcal









Carbohydrates (of which sugars)



27g (4g)


Fat (of which saturates)



9.7g (4.2g)







From the above, the protein brownie from Myprotein is an excellent snack for a quick “protein fix”. The low calorie content makes it a great pre- or post-workout snack without weighing you down.

Despite being slightly high in the fat and sugar department (according to usual snack serving sizes), it tastes exactly as it should – a ball of ‘chocolately heaven’, no joke!

The full ingredient list is as follows:

Milk Protein, Glycerine, Glutamine Peptide (Wheat), Oat flour, Vegetable Oil (Palm), Chocolate Chips (9%) (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Flavouring), Maltodextrin, Soy Protein, Cocoa Powder, Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar), Flavouring, Sweetener (Sucralose).

Milk is naturally the most protein dense ingredient found in the protein brownie followed by soy, making it a superior snack to most.

I know, I know, soy makes you grow ‘bitch tits’. Ignore the broscience, bro, it has never really been scientifically proven and is still a high quality source of protein in my modest opinion.

Despite a few artificial sweeteners present, it is a small price to pay for enhanced taste.

I am very certain without the flavouring present, the protein brownie will almost certainly taste like a chocolate flake. Dry and forgettable.

No surprising ingredients here, no health scares, just clear and useful ingredients to maximise your results.

Taste and feel

Of course, my Myprotein brownie review wouldn’t be complete without actually tasting the damn thing.

Upon opening the pack, I was met with a chocolately aroma which certainly triggered my hunger senses resulting in my mouth watering profusely. My first bite into this behemoth protein snack really set it apart from other high protein bars and treats I have tried in the past.

myprotein brownie review image on table

First of all, it is real chocolate. Yes, real chocolate. My fingers were covered in chocolate smears as I went to put it into my mouth which is always a good sign.

The taste was certainly that of chocolate without the after taste of anything other than chocolate. It was apparent that no artificial flavours or sweetners lingered thererafter and that the chocolate chip brownie tasted exactly as it should.

The lack of sugar was definitely evident as it is wasn’t very sweet with only a mild chocolate sensation. For every bite I took, I felt less and less guilty about the potential of ‘cheating’ on my diet with the high protein content and reduced sugar reassuring me that I could keep my waistline in check and the dentist at bay!

In terms of texture, the brownie had a slightly moist feel to it (quite rightly as it is not a cookie) with a somewhat hard and rigged exterior, and a soft interior where all the chocolate goodness lies!

The chocolate chips were just as soft and weren’t too overwhelming as you may get with other chocolate snacks.

On the whole, I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome the protein brownie tasted that I immediately ordered my next batch from Myprotein this morning after returning from the gym.


Myprotein’s protein brownie is certainly a game changer in the treats and snacks space.

Packed full of high quality protein, low fat and moderate carbs, those who are looking to put on some extra size or strength will certainly benefit from this naughty, not so naughty protein delight.

Those who are looking to lose weight will also benefit hugely from this treat as it is easily digestible and accessible – just be sure to eat it in moderation as it can be quite addictive!

One thing I did notice with this protein brownie was that after eating my first one at 10:30am this morning, I felt satisfied for a good 3 hours after then grabbing some lunch at around 1:30pm.

The size of this brownie really does help to keep you full and certainly prevents any cookie monster cravings that may creep up on you throughout the day.

Value for money

At £11.99 for a box of 12, Myprotein’s protein brownies offer real value for money.

Considering that buying 12 translates into .99p per bar compared to buying one on its own that will cost you £1.99, it makes much more sense to get the whole box instead.

To get more bang for your buck, Myprotein frequently promote hundreds of voucher codes and offers to help you save more on every order.

Fortunately, CheckMeowt have covered every ground, so if you are looking to pick these chocolately balls of goodness up (that’s what she said), be sure to visit our Myprotein discount codes and offers page for the latest and best bargains.

Final verdict

Honestly, these protein brownies are one of the best protein snacks I’ve ever had.

It tastes like a homemade brownie (without all the unnecessary crap and calories), contains high-quality protein and is quick and easy to pack and store away to keep your diet in check.

Myprotein’s chocolate chip brownie makes for a great substitute for all the other sweets and chocolate you may be wharfing down and justifying as your ‘cheat day’ which subsequently turns into a ‘cheat week’.

They are satisfying, convenient and overall they are made from real chocolate! What more could you possibly need?


If you are looking for a high protein, no frills chocolate treat, then look no further than Myprotein’s protein brownie. It certainly is a cut above the rest.

Try them for yourself

Be sure to bag yourself a box of Myprotein’s protein brownies today by shopping here at the Myprotein website.

I hope my Myprotein brownie review was useful and insightful. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are so make sure you drop a comment below!