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Myprotein Vegan Blend Review



Vegetarianism and bodybuilding, two lifestyle disciplines you’ll rarely see strung together in a single sentence.

It has almost become laughable that someone with ethical or moral beliefs of abstaining from eating meat can pack on any serious size or strength. Besides, how could they, right?

Well that’s where you’re wrong with Myprotein’s Vegan Blend: every vegetarian’s prayer’s answered with a quick fix of animal-friendly, dairy-free protein.

While the vegetarian lot are certainly vocal when it comes to what they are consuming, does Myprotein’s Vegan Blend have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

Let’s see…

Myprotein Vegan Blend Review


Myprotein Vegan Blend, as it states, is a blend aimed at helping vegetarians increase their protein intake. It consists of three main extracts of protein, pea protein isolatebrown rice and hemp.

Whilst each of these foods do not provide a great deal of protein on their own, when formulated together, you have an impressive powder boasting over 22g of protein per serving.

Suddenly, we now have a quality blend that can increase lean muscle mass without screwing up the planet or bringing feelings of guilt. A real coup here I say.

Equally, the Myprotein Vegan Blend’s level of protein is pretty much on par with your standard whey protein, certainly making this a real blinder for all grass eaters!

You can purchase Myprotein’s Vegan Blend by visting the Myprotein website here

full picture of the myprotein vegan blend including scoop and bottle shaker

Nutritional Breakdown

As mentioned previously, Myprotein’s Vegan Blend is formulated with three individual sources of lean protein, namely pea protein, brown rice and hemp protein.

Per serving, (that’s roughly 30g or 1 scoop) the key macro numbers look like this:












Carbohydrates (of which sugars)



3.8g (0.3g)


Fat (of which saturates)



1.5g (0.5g)

Overall, high protein, low carbohydrates and low fat definitely suggest that the Vegan Blend is far superior to some of the existing protein crap out there – that’s for sure!

scoop of myprotein vegan blend protein up closeWhat makes this protein blend stick out from the rest, nonetheless, is the unique inclusion of a digestive enzyme under the trading name DigeZyme®.

At a glance, anything with a trademark symbol on the end will certainly raise some eyebrows.

Upon closer inspection of this mysterious ingredient, the DigeZyme website claim that it is a collection of natural enzymes found in the body such as amylase, lactase and protease.

These enzymes help to break down even the most stubborn of compounds inlcuding lactase, protein and fats for a far more effective absorption.

Whilst these are bold claims from both DigeZyme® and Myprotein, there is in fact no real noticeable way of knowing for sure whether this added ingredient does increase the quality of absorption which could be affected by hundreds of other variables.

However, it is still good to know.

Taste and mixability

Although the macros of this blend are certainly impressive, the overall taste and mixability is a slight let down.

I initially tried the unflavoured version (to get more of that protein goodness) but it is fair to say that I was far from impressed.

Don’t get me wrong, all unflavoured protein tastes like dirt – that’s a given. It wasn’t the earthy taste or the smell of nature which I found off putting, it was the grainy like texture which was difficult to swallow.

aerial shot of texture of the myprotein vegan blend protein

Coming from a name like Myprotein, I feel they could have made a better effort to smoothen out the powder in order to improve the quality of finish.

To counteract this, I decided to add a banana and a cup of almond milk moving forward, as well as Myprotein’s Total Nutri Greens when mixing with water for increased vitamin intake.

Mixing the blend is not without fault either – it froths up a fair amount which is reminiscent of a coca-cola waiting to ejaculate in a stormy sugary hell.

front picture of the myprotein vegan blend protein in bottle mixed with almond milk

It has on a occasion left a few lumps in my bottle shaker too, which is less than ideal as it makes cleaning your bottle an added chore.

And if you’re anything like me and sometimes forget to wash your bottle after use, you know the fart infested smell that awaits you is more than just a horrific experience.


Not only do you benefit from 3 different sources of vegan-friendly protein, the Myprotein Vegan Blend also comes jam packed with a number of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) including leucine, isoleucine and valine.

The high leucine content means that your body will continually be in an anabolic (growth) state, allowing you to optimise your growth and recovery rate and lowering the risk of moving into a catabolic (broken down) state. Great for those longer cardio sessions.

In the space of a week, I noticed that my recovery rate greatly improved since purchasing this blend. Without any shakes, it usually takes me anywhere between 3 – 5 days to make a full recovery after full body workout assaults

Since taking this blend, I’m easily back in the gym after a 2 day lay off, have slightly more energy and do not experience any bloating or gas as I have with other standard protein. Great stuff!

Value for money

With the price starting from £17.99 (unflavoured version) for 1kg, Myprotein’s Vegan blend offers real value for money.

You are effectively paying up to 2p to receive 100 grams of this bad boy making this protein blend a great bargain.

It also comes in a chocolate smooth flavour too if that tickles your fancy. It does costs £1.20 more though so not bank breaking to say the least!

If that wasn’t enough, you can make some fantastic savings using our Myprotein promo deals and savings. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain (literally).


The Myprotein Vegan Blend is a high-grade supplement for any non-meat eater’s nutrition programme.

With a mix of 3 lean sources of protein, a good combination of BCAAs and clean macros, this protein powder will make a worthy companion in helping any vegetarians/vegans hit their lifestyle goals.

The grainy and lumpy texture was a big set back, but overall the Vegan Blend picks up the slack in its effectiveness.

The fact that you can get up to 22g of protein per serving really sets the bar high for this supplement. It makes for a healthier substitute to whey without sacrificing too much protein density – a real winning formula.

Buy Myprotein Vegan Blend

You can purchase your Myprotein Vegan Blend by shopping on the Myprotein website here

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