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Bulk Powders High Protein Cookies Review



Although protein shakes are by far the most popular and efficient protein supplement available, every now and then a new ‘high protein’ treat or snack will land on the bodybuilding market to shake things up.

Enter Bulk Powders High Protein Cookies, your guilt-free delicacy that will get you swole and big all the while tricking your brain into thinking you are eating a mouth-watering Millie’s cookie (well, almost).

Bulk Powders are brand who continue to impress us here at CheckMeowt. They have made huge strides in introducing new cutting-edge formulas and bodybuilding supplements with their high protein cookies the latest edition to their ever-growing supplement list.

But will the Bulk Powders high protein cookies live up to its expectation?

Read on to find out more.

Bulk Powders High Protein Cookies Review


Bulk Powders’ high protein cookies are a soft-baked cookie, the kind you’ll often find at your local bakery filling the air with the fresh smell of warm dough in the morning.

Mmm… warm dough.

Its softness is also a standout feature. The protein cookie doesn’t break off or crumble all over yourself as you bite into it, so you can breathe a huge sigh of relief if your inner fat child begins to plow through the cookie like your life depends on it.

What’s more, Bulk Powders high protein cookies comes packed with a strong 27g of protein per cookie with each one weighing in at 75g.

The protein to weight ratio is certainly top notch considering each cookie only contains 290kcal, setting this cookie up to be one of the industry’s finest.

For a box of 12, the Bulk Powders high protein cookies will cost you £16.99. You can get yours by visiting the Bulk Powders website here.

Unboxing of Bulk Powders High Protein Cookies

Nutrition and Ingredients

Looking at the full ingredient list, you can see it is fairly long.

From descending order, whey protein (milk) forms the bulk of the high protein cookies with the likes of wheat, oat and soya thrown in the mix as well.

Ingredient and Values of Bulk Powders High Protein Cookies

These ingredients are hardly surprising and didn’t immediately throw me off wolfing these down either pre or post-workout.

However, the White Chocolate and Raspberry Flavour I reviewed does contain a whole load of flavouring, preservatives and colouring.

It should be noted for all you ‘keyboard bashers’ out there, that most food supplements in the sports nutrition field tend to base their cookies, brownies and bars from similar sources.

These extras are thrown in as a way to enhance the flavour and keep the cookie soft and durable.

The great thing is, most of this is derived from natural ingredients with only a few sources coming in from concentrate.

Just be sure not to go crazy with these ones, as too much of a good thing may not be so good after all.


From the table below, you can see just how impressive these are based on the macros per cookie:












Carbohydrates (of which sugars)



24.9g (5.4g)


Fat (of which saturates)



8.3g (3.4g)






High protein, moderate carbohydrates and low sugar, the perfect infusion to get in a quick protein fix without ever feeling ashamed about gorging something not typically recommended in any serious lifter’s diet routine!

Taste and texture

Bulk Powder’s high protein cookies taste exactly as they should, like cookies.

Having took my first bite into the White Chocolate and Raspberry Flavour, the Raspberry was immediately known from the get go with the White Chocolate subtly adding a different dimension to the cookie.

It is hard and fairly dry on the exterior, but the minute you either break the cookie in half, or put it in your mouth, it is clear just how soft and chewy it really is (as you’d expect).

The cookie also has a few Raspberry and White Chocolate pieces that lie in the wait, like landmines, ready to explode all of their tender sweet goodness in your mouth.

With that said, the mix of both flavours does not overwhelm the overall taste and does not produce a poor aftertaste in your mouth, making each bite all the more enjoyable, and leaving a slightly premium feel on your taste buds.

Naturally however, the cookie does have a little ‘protein’ taste to it, but what else would you expect from a high protein cookie?

Ultimately, these are an absolute top draw protein snack which I certainly wouldn’t hesitate ordering again once I run out.


Granted, each of the high protein cookies contain 27g of protein, they make for a great snack during any time of the day.

The low calories also make it a suitable go-to treat for anyone looking to trim down or to simply kill off a craving. A win-win situation.

Equally, like Myprotein’s Protein Brownie I reviewed previously, I found the size of the protein cookie plays a key role in helping you stay fuller for longer – great if you are always on the move and do not have the time of day to sit down and enjoy a meal.

Lastly, having already eaten 4 Bulk Powders high protein cookies, in my experience they do not weigh you down, nor carry any unwanted side effects which others may get from protein shakes (including the infamous fart here or there).

The high protein content also offsets the effects of a spike in insulin too which helps keep your energy levels more sustained. Perfect for those long workouts!

Worth the cost?

At £16.99 for a box of 12, Bulk Powders high protein cookies sits comfortably within the same price range as cookies offered by the likes of Myprotein and GoNutrition.

The difference being, Bulk Powders’ cookies contain fewer calories and fat per cookie compared to the others. More than ideal if you are on a strict diet.

The downfall, however, is that they do not have as much protein as its closest competitors who also offer an extensive list of flavours with Bulk Powders limited to only two – White Chocolate and Raspberry and Chocolate Orange. Boo!

If you aren’t too fussed about the lower protein content and lack of variety, each Bulk Powders high protein cookie clocks in at £1.42 – not too shabby considering the solid macros and the fact that a mere sample will set you back £1.99.

Thus, Bulk Powders’ high protein cookies offer real value for money per unit where buying 12 samples will cost you £23.88.

Better still, if you are looking to supplement your diet with these bad boys (normally eating one a day), you essentially have a two week supply to get you by. Can’t say fairer than that!

Don’t forget – you can make some extra savings when you are feeling the squeeze on your wallet by using a voucher code.

Be sure to visit our Bulk Powders discount code page and grab yourself a bargain on your order.

You’d be a complete and utter mug if you don’t!

The bottom line

Bulk Powders high protein cookies are a scrumptious, protein rich snack that provides the perfect combination of meeting your protein requirements and keeping cravings at bay.

Although these do not contain as much protein to similar protein cookies on the market, they aren’t too dense in calories which allows for a guilt-free indulge into an age old favourite treat.

Then again, because they taste so good, it is almost easy to gulf these down and find yourself on a binge which could potentially spell bad news for that physique you’ve been working so hard on.

I’ve had to stop myself countless times reaching for another cookie which would often turn ugly and force me to hide the cookie box out of site to avoid temptation.

NB: If you have the willpower of a Shaolin Monk, these cookies are a good shout. If you have an addictive personality however, tread softly. Very softly.

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