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The Protein Works Protein Brownies Review



For me, whoever’s idea it was to invent a protein snack deserves to go down in history with some of the greats of our time: Steve Jobs, Mohammed Ali, Elon Musk.

No one could’ve second guessed that you could take your grandma’s ordinary chocolate brownie and make it acceptable for gym rats across the world to indulge in it the way Tori Black gobbles up… you know what.

We’ve tested some of the best protein treats in the industry including Myprotein’s scrumptious protein brownie, Bulk Powders’ high-protein cookie and GoNutrition’s protein wafer.


The Protein Works supplement range has been missing from our review series on our humble abode for quite some time now, so we thought we’d kick things off with their mouth-watering luxurious protein brownies.

Let’s see how it stacks up.

The Protein Works Protein Brownies Review

Product Overview

Unlike your bog standard brownie which is laden with fat, sugar and insurmountable calories, The Protein Works Protein Brownies are a healthier alternative for those unable to resist the lure of grannies homemade recipe which can often spell disaster for your waistline.

These bad boys are low in the former and are rammed with protein and fibrous goodness making them a far more nutritious treat.

They come packaged in a ‘grab-and-go’ pouch bag with a total of 15 individually wrapped brownies which will set you back £23.49.

The Protein Works Protein Brownie Review - Overview

The flavours available are: ‘Belgian Chocolate’, ‘Choc Hazelnut’, ‘Choc Peanut Butter’ and ‘Millionaires’.

For this review, we’ll be focusing on the Belgian Chocolate flavour.


As we’ve come to expect:

The Protein Works Protein Brownies combine exceptional ingredients with an impressive macronutrient profile.

The best part?

They are free from artificial fillers and other nasties which have rigged many products on the market – instead consisting of natural flavours and ingredients.

What really makes The Protein Works Protein Brownies stand out is its premium protein blend which includes a 30% mix of hydrolysed whey protein, whey protein isolate and micellar casein.

This blend ensures you are fueling your body with only the highest grade of protein available and not the cheap stuff a lot of companies use such as gelatin.

Per 40g serving, see the full nutritional breakdown below:












Carbohydrates (of which sugars)




8.7g (1.7g)



(of which saturates)




3.5g (0.6g)







For a chocolate brownie, these macronutrients are an absolute game-changer and is the perfect aid to keep your fitness goals on track.

Taste and Texture

Make no mistake about it,

These do not taste as good as normal chocolate brownies.

How could they?

They’re not smothered in those endorphin releasing saturated fats and sugars we’ve come to love.

In any case:

As it stands, these do taste amazing when you factor in the exceptional nutritional values – and taste exactly as a chocolate brownie should – a squidgy chocolate delight.

If that wasn’t enough, they also do a great job at keeping any sugar cravings you might have at bay without all of the guilt.

In terms of the texture, as you might expect, these are slightly thicker and denser than your usual chocolate brownie because of the additional protein.

They’re also on the slightly fudgy and chewy side, but that’s a given based on being a much cleaner alternative.

Overall, you’d be untroubled finding someone who can verify that these are an absolute belter!


With each serving containing 10.5g of protein and a mere 117 calories, TPW’s Protein Brownies are a great snack to have at any time of the day.

I’ve personally found them useful to have in between meals such as breakfast and lunch after a hard training session, as it ensures I’m staying in an anabolic state and preventing my body from breaking down muscle for energy.

Despite the low calories, the brownies are very satiating and do a great job at keeping you satisfied.

This is also helped by the fact that they are very compact, so you can throw it in your gym bag or store it at your office desk draws whenever you need a good protein hit.

Value for money

As mentioned previously, The Protein Works Protein Brownies come in a pouch of 15 which will cost £23.49.

This works out to be £1.56 per brownie.

Whilst this is slightly on the expensive side, when you consider the fact that most high street protein brands will have a mark-up of 5 times this price for a product that tastes like it’s been baked in a prison cell by Adam Johnson, you really can’t go wrong.


You get what you pay for, and paying a slight premium to get a high-quality protein product with world-class macros is a no-brainer for the serious lifter.


All in all,

The Protein Works Protein Brownies offers the perfect solution at keeping your protein intake high enough throughout the day without compromising on overall quality and taste.

They are an excellent snack to include into your overall nutrition repertoire and won’t kill or throw off any of the progress you have made in the gym.

In short:

Despite the relative cost, The Protein Works have far outdone themselves in offering a product which is miles ahead of your typical protein-based treat you’ll find stacked on the shelves of many high street retailers.

Buy The Protein Works Protein Brownies

You can bag your protein brownies from The Protein Works by visiting their website here.

Don’t forget to save some money when placing your order with The Protein Works by using a discount code or offer.

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